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    Welcome to Suzhou BAUTZ automation equipment Technology Co., Ltd. website!


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    • 1, the structure is simple, fewer parts. So parts of the failure rate is low, reliable performance, maintenance and repair is simple, less inventory required parts.

      2, small footprint. Is conducive to the customer plant in the layout of the production line, and set aside a large warehouse area. Palletizing robot can be set in a narrow space, can be effectively used.

      3, applicability. When the customer's product size, size, shape and shape of the tray changes only slightly changes in the touch screen can be, will not affect the customer's normal production.

      4, low energy consumption. The power of the palletizing robot is lower than that of a conventional mechanical palletizer. Greatly reducing the customer's operating costs.

      5, all the controls can be operated on the control cabinet screen, the operation is very simple.

      6, just locate the starting point and placed points, teaching methods easy to understand.




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