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    •     Automatic sorting system generally consists of control devices, classification devices, transportation equipment and sorting crossing composition. The role of the control device is to identify, receive and process the sorting signal, according to the requirements of the sorting signal indicating classification device, according to product variety, according to the location of goods or goods by the owner of the classification of goods automatically. These sorting requirements can be entered into the sorting control system in a variety of ways, such as by bar code scanning, color scanning, keyboard input, weight detection, speech recognition, height detection and shape recognition, etc., Signal judgments, to determine a certain kind of goods into which a sort of crossing. The sorting device acts in response to a sorting instruction issued by the control device which, when a commodity having the same sorting signal passes through the device, operates to change the direction of travel on the conveyor to other conveyors or to the sorting gate. There are many kinds of classification devices, such as push-out type, floating type, inclined type and branch type. The different devices have different requirements on the packing material, packing weight and the smoothness of the bottom of the packaging. . The main part of the conveying device is a conveyor belt or conveyor, whose main role is to make the goods to be sorted through the control device, sorting devices, and transport equipment on both sides, generally connected to a number of sorting crossing, so that sub- Slide down the main conveyor (or main conveyor) for subsequent work. Sorting crossing is the separation of the goods from the main conveyor (or the main conveyor belt) into the cargo area of the channel, generally composed of strip, belt, rollers and other components of the slide, so that goods from the main conveyor slid to the collection platform, Where the staff of the intersection of all the goods after the storage or storage, or group with the loading and distribution operations. More than four parts of the device connected through a computer network together with the manual control and the corresponding manual processing link to form a complete automatic sorting system.






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