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    Welcome to Suzhou BAUTZ automation equipment Technology Co., Ltd. website!


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    •     RGV is the abbreviation of Rail Guided Vehicle. It is also called track shuttle car. RGV car can be used for all kinds of high density storage warehouse. The car passage can be designed arbitrarily long, which can improve the storage capacity of the whole warehouse. And in the operation without forklift into the roadway, it will be higher security. In the use of forklift without the advantage of entering the roadway, with the car in the roadway in the fast operation, effectively improve the operational efficiency of the warehouse.

          The RGV can be easily connected to other logistics systems, such as loading / unloading stations, various buffer stations, conveyors, lifts and robots, according to the planned delivery of materials. In addition, it does not require personnel to operate, running fast. Thus significantly reducing the workload of the warehouse management, improve labor productivity, while the application of shuttle vehicles can make the logistics system becomes very simple.





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