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    •     A truss robot is also called a rectangular coordinate robot or a gantry robot. The linear guide is made of refined aluminum profile, toothed belt, linear sliding guide or rack and pinion. The cross-sectional shape of the refined aluminum profile as the moving frame and carrier is optimized by finite element analysis, and the refinement in production ensures its strength and straightness. The bearing light bar and the linear sliding guide are used as the moving guide rail. Motion transmission with tooth belt, rack or ball screw. Various rails in various industries in many years after a lot of practical and continuous improvement in reliability, noise reduction, carrying capacity, maintenance-free, and the overall performance of the world's best.
         The truss robot is a multi-purpose manipulator which can realize automatic control, repeatable programming, multi-function, multi-degree of freedom and freedom of motion. He was able to carry objects and manipulate tools to accomplish various tasks. Common machine with a machine loading and unloading robot, palletizing robot, glue (dispensing) robot, testing robots, polishing and polishing robots, assembly robots, ** robots.




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