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    Welcome to Suzhou BAUTZ automation equipment Technology Co., Ltd. website!


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    Organizational flow production must meet the following conditions
    Classification:View of Bao DeruiTime:2018-07-02

    1, the product structure and process is relatively stable, but also a long-term large-scale needs of the product.
    2, the process can be divided into simple processes, but also in accordance with the requirements of process synchronization, some processes properly merged and decomposed, each process of a single piece of time should not be too much difference.
    3. The output of the product is large enough, and the amount of work per unit product is also large, so as to ensure that there is sufficient load in each working place of the assembly line.
    4, raw materials, collaboration parts must be standard, standardized, and can supply on time.
    5, there must be conditions for the installation of the assembly line.



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