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    Welcome to Suzhou BAUTZ automation equipment Technology Co., Ltd. website!


    National Service Hotline


    POST: DATE:2017-06-15
    PAY: 6000-8000
    NUMBER: 2
    POST: DATE:2017-06-15
    PAY: 4000-6000
    NUMBER: 1
    POST: DATE:2017-06-15
    PAY: 4000-8000
    NUMBER: 若干
    POST: Administrative Commissioner / Business Customer Service DATE:2016-09-05
    PAY: 3000-4499
    NUMBER: 1

    description of job:

    1, responsible for the office routine office system maintenance, management. In accordance with the company's administrative system to deal with other related matters.

    2, responsible for all departments of the office office logistics support, warehouse management.

    3, is responsible for all the office staff (departments) for daily attendance.

    4, handling the company's external reception.

    6, to assist the administrative manager to deal with administrative affairs.

    7, responsible for customer online advice to solve customer problems, and to assist customers under the single;

    8, with a good sense of service and sales skills, improve customer turnover rate;

    9, the involvement of the after-sale issues and treatment;

    10, visit customers, maintaining customer relations;

    Function Category: Administrative Officer / Assistant Customer Service Assistant / Assistant

    POST: accounting DATE:2016-09-05
    PAY: 3000-6000/月
    NUMBER: 1

    Accounting Job Description:

    1, responsible for all kinds of the company's original vouchers and payroll audit, payment; voucher preparation, general ledger and ledger accounts processing;

    2, Familiar with the handling of accounting statements, accounting laws and tax laws, skilled use of financial related software;

    3, can independently deal with the overall financial, financial knowledge and work processes;

    4, to assist in the development of corporate financial systems and processes;

    5, other work arrangements;

    6, a serious and responsible, hard-working.

    7, a project company industry background is preferred, a professional title is preferred.

    Functional category: Accounting

    POST: Project Assistant DATE:2016-09-05
    PAY: 3000-10000/月
    NUMBER: 3

    description of job:

    1. Responsible for assisting the project manager in site management during the construction process, according to the design drawings and relevant standards, the project information, construction cost and drawings should be collated. 2. The cost, schedule, Safety and material arrangements for effective management and control,

    3. At the same time with the Party and the supervision and coordination of communication, completion of the late completion of acceptance-related work.

    4. Familiar with the use of various types of office software, CAD software, familiar with business negotiation skills are preferred.

    Function Category: Construction Management / Project Manager


    Add:Address: 550 Xinghui Road, Kunshan Economic Development Zone

    Phone:13918013760(Mr Li) 13795364038(Mr Lang)

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