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    Welcome to Suzhou BAUTZ automation equipment Technology Co., Ltd. website!


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    Automatic production line daily maintenance Did you know?



      Automatic production line by the workpiece transfer system and control system, a group of automatic machine tools and auxiliary equipment in accordance with the order of the process linked together to complete all or part of the product manufacturing process of the production system, referred to as automatic line.

      How to maintain the automated production line is better, today to provide you with automatic production line daily maintenance knowledge:

    1, circuit, gas, oil and mechanical transmission parts (such as rails, etc.) before the class to check, clean up;

    2, the work process to inspect, the key parts to sampling and found that the same should be recorded, small problems before the class after the treatment (not long), big problems do a good job of accessories preparation;

    3, unified maintenance of all downtime, do a good wearing parts plan, early replacement of wearing parts, prevention in unburned.






    Automated equipment how to diagnose?



        All manufacturers do not want to stop their production to rest, on the contrary, the pursuit of the effectiveness of manufacturers and process reliability. Preventive measures for the release of equipment and systems can help to a large extent reduce maintenance time. The first is the electrical software, in fact, is the system diagnostics.

        Timely measures to save a lot of cost for the future: bring pieces of control functions to control the production line can reduce maintenance costs and high maintenance costs, according to experts estimate that the results of maintenance time per minute, about 1,000 US dollars for the expensive physical capital and production Process, this cost may even reach $ 10,000 per minute cost, therefore, according to the hourly cost can calculate a huge amount, but this situation is by using the appropriate diagnostic system to avoid, metaphor can Through the module system to diagnose. Or through the system to reduce maintenance time.

        The total number of maintenance times for automation equipment after many years of use, due to the ability of the monitoring system to diagnose the system, can eliminate these limitations on productivity and help to troubleshoot aliens quickly. As intelligent Machine manufacturers are beginning to adopt an alternative approach to centralizing diagnostic function integration and monitoring into the robot's control system, and manufacturing companies are increasingly focusing on integrated control of important central systems.


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