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    Welcome to Suzhou BAUTZ automation equipment Technology Co., Ltd. website!


    National Service Hotline


         Suzhou Baode Rui Automation Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional automation control system of technology development, design integration, sales and service as one integrated product suppliers. My company has many years of development team, including system integration, mechanical design, Electronic control design, software development, the use of advanced auxiliary design software (AUTO CAD, pro / E, SolidWorks, C + + language, VB, VC, etc.) And drive new systems to meet market and customer needs. Based on the advantages of program planning and design and development, we provide customers with integrated production, warehousing and distribution automation logistics systems and services, enabling customers to achieve the material storage, storage, transportation, sorting and picking, manufacturing, distribution and other activities. Automation, information technology and intelligence, automation systems integrated solutions for manufacturing, commercial distribution and other formats to provide customers with personalized automation system integrated solutions.

         We respect the "pragmatic, hard work, responsibility," the entrepreneurial spirit, and integrity, win-win to create business philosophy to a new management model, improve the technology, good service, excellent quality of survival for the fundamental and we always adhere to the " , Respect for the customer, continuing operation "concept, our service Zunzhi is" the interests of customers will always be first, "intentions in customer service, adhere to their own services to impress customers.

         In the future, we will strive to provide customers with industrial robots as the core technology of flexible, intelligent manufacturing solutions. Including standardized (or custom) automated robot workstations, flexible robot automated production lines, fixture and process technology applications. Focus on China's industrial automation a better future, to build domestic "good reputation, quality hard, good design, strong service," the integrated automation business.

         We will be adhering to the "integrity, innovation, excellence," the business philosophy of sustainable development, relying on the elite from the domestic automation industry, with rich experience in automation integration, To the processing and assembly, test installation, to meet customer requirements of the automated integrated system, providing excellent products and rich experience for you.

         At present, Suzhou Baode Rui Automation Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. has an office area of 1,200 square meters, the production area of 3300 square meters, 12 were in management, technical staff of 16 people, three quality management, project management 3, with more complete hardware and software facilities and Complete human resources, at the same time have a number of technology, management and quality are better than the Association of suppliers.

        Welcome customers to visit our company, on behalf of guidance, if you are interested in our products or have any questions, you can give us a message or contact us directly, we will receive your information, will be the first time to contact you in time. 


    Add:Address: 550 Xinghui Road, Kunshan Economic Development Zone

    Phone:13918013760(Mr Li) 13795364038(Mr Lang)

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